Toronto International Film Festival


Joe Bell

Solstice Studios to release new cut of Mark Wahlberg awards contender ‘Joe Bell’

“We feel it has now reached its full potential,” says Solstice head Mark Gill.

true mothers

‘True Mothers’: San Sebastian Review

Naomi Kawase delivers a rewarding drama about teenage adoption

The Water Man

‘The Water Man’: Toronto Review

David Oyelowo impresses with his family-friendly directorial debut

Good Joe Bell

‘Good Joe Bell’: Toronto Review

Mark Wahlberg plays the father of a bullied gay son in Reinalo Marcus Green’s follow-up to ‘Monsters And Men’

76 Days

‘76 Days’: Toronto Review

A startling picture from inside Wuhan’s beseiged hospitals at the onset of the pandemic


‘Wildfire’: Toronto Review

Intense debut set in an Irish border town stars Nora-Jane Noone and the late Nika McGuigan