Sarajevo Film Festival

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“No doubt” Sarajevo Film Festival will take place despite virus crisis but Jerusalem postpones

Uncertainty remains over this year’s Locarno and Karlovy Vary film festivals.

Michel Hazanavicius

Michel Hazanavicius to lead 2020 Sarajevo Film Festival jury

Director of ‘The Artist’ follows Ruben Östlund, Asghar Farhadi in the role.


‘The Orphanage’: Review

A teenage boy in Afghanistan is sent to a Russian-run facility in this Bollywood-inspired follow-up to ’Wolf And Sheep’

Cat In The Wall

‘Cat In The Wall’: Sarajevo Review

Terrific comedy-drama from a Bulgarian directing duo is set on an East London council estate


‘Heidi’: Sarajevo Review

A New Wave police proceduaral from Romania’s Cătălin Mitulescu

Open Door

‘Open Door’: Sarajevo Review

Sisters united in a car journey across Albania in a rare feature to emerge from that country


‘Immortal’: Sarajevo Review

Striking documentary from Estonia looks at the production line of model citizens in Russia’s Arctic Circle