Tokyo International Film Festival

'Mother Lode'

‘Mother Lode’: Thessaloniki Review

A young father tries to make his fortune in the gold mines of the Andes in this striking documentary-infused drama


‘Churuli’: Tokyo Review

Two undercover cops pursue an outlaw in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s enigmatic blend of supernatural and sci-fi

'Third Time Lucky'

‘Third Time Lucky’: ​Tokyo Review

Tadashi Nohara’s directorial debut focuses on unfulfilled lives and fraying relationships

'The Four Walls'

‘​The Four Walls’: Tokyo Review

Bahman Ghobadi delivers an eccentric mixture of tragedy and farce in this tale of a musician who longs to see the sea


‘Arisaka’: Tokyo Review

Mikhail Red mixes action and social commentary in this tale of a lone cop fighting to stay alive