Tokyo International Film Festival

A Place Of Our Own

‘A Place Of Our Own’: Review

Indian drama from Bhopal grassroots group Ektara Collective follows two transgender women after they’re evicted from their home

Peacock Lament

‘Peacock Lament’: Tokyo Review

A desperate man takes a job with a Colombo-based human trafficker in Sanjeewa Pushpakumara’s fourth feature

Mountain Woman

‘Mountain Woman’: Tokyo Review

Takeshi Fukanaga’s third feature follows a shamed woman searching for peace in 18th century Japan

And So I'm At A Loss

‘And So I’m At A Loss’: Tokyo Review

Daisuke Miura adapts his own stage play about a 20-something Tokyo slacker


‘Egoist’: Tokyo Review

A successful gay man navigates a new romance in Daishi Matsunaga’s satisfying character study