A Turkish family has lived in Germany for three generations and then sets off - on the grandfather’s instigation - on a turbulent journey to the homeland.

Prod company: Roxy Film

Dist (Ger): Concorde Filmverleih

Intl sales: Beta Cinema

Backers: FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Board (FFA), German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), BKM

Producers: Andreas Richter, Annie Brunner, Ursula Woerner

Director: Yasemin Sandereli

Scrs: Nesrin and Yasemin Sandereli

DoP: The Chau Ngo

Prod des: Alexander Manasse

Cast: Fahri Ögun Yardim, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Denis Moschitto, Aylin Tezel

Locations: Munich; Augsburg and Izmir/Turkey

Shooting from: October to December 2009

Contact: Roxy Film, +49 89 523 00 989