Lars Von Trier’s controversial feature Antichrist has won this year’s Nordic Council Film Prize

The prize, worth about $70,000, (DKK 350,000), is to be shared between the winning film’s director, screenwriter and producer, which means von Trier will receive two thirds (as writer-director) and Foldager one third (as producer).

The award will be presented at the Nordic Council’s Session in Stockholm on October 27.

Previous recipients include Roy Andersson for the Swedish film You, The Living (2008), Peter Schønau Fog for the Danish film The Art of Crying (2007) and Josef Fares for the Swedish film Zozo (2006).

The four other Nordic films competing for this year’s prize were; Sauna (Finland), The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela (Iceland), Nord (Norway) and Light Year (Sweden).

The jury was made up of senior lecturer Anne Jerslev (Denmark), editor Johanna Grönqvist (Finland), author Sjon (Iceland), film critic Le LD Nguyen (Norway) and film critic Eva af Geijerstam (Sweden).