Argentina's film institute INCAA announced at the Mar del Plata Film Festival yesterday that new co-production agreements were due to be signed with China, Israel, France, Germany and Switzerland in the coming weeks.

'We are very hopeful about the future. We signed a similar agreement with Spain four years ago, and now more than 50% of Argentinian films are co-financed by Spanish companies,' INCAA's president Jorge Alvarez told

Alvarez also praised local producers who clinched a deal 'for the first ever co-production' with China.

After a recent co-production treaty with Italy, INCAA invited 12 top Italian producers such as Paolo Ferrari (Warner Bros. Italy), Amedeo Pagani (Classic Film), Rossana Seregni (Sintra), Massimo Vigliar (Surf Film), Adriano De Micheli (International Dean Film), Roberto Di Girolamo (Production Group), Alessandro Silvestri (Emme), Concita Airoldi (Urania Film) and David Maria Putorti (Acme Cinematografica) for a meeting with local producers pitching 169 new projects.

Acme's Putorti and Cristina Giovanni, for example, announced they will shoot Diario De La Guerra Del Cerdo, based on the novel by renowned local writer Adolfo Bioy Casares, in Argentina next October.

A similar producers meeting between Argentinian and Brazilian companies will be held in Buenos Aires next month.