The Asian film funds targeting international co-productions

The following is a selection of film funds that are either up and running or in the process of being established in Asia. The list focuses on funds that are open to international co-productions and other projects from outside their country of origin. It is not comprehensive due to constraints of space and the fact some funds have not been publicly announced.

IDG China Media Fund
Raising: $50m
Established by: IDG China
Aims of fund: US venture capital giant IDG has focused on technology and media companies such as Netmovie, Zonbo Media and in China, but its China Media Fund has invested in some film projects such as An Zhanjun's Hutong Days.
Contact: Alina Qiu, investment manager;

Global Entertainment Group
Raising: $100m
Established by: Global Entertainment Group
Aims of fund: Working with Swiss Bank Clariden Leu, the fund will provide mezzanine and equity financing for film and TV projects with a focus on, but not restricted to, projects aimed at the mainland China market.
Contact: Johnny Hon, CEO, or Rukpong Tupprasoot, COO;

Irresistible Films LP
Raising: $16.8m over 10 years
Established by: Avex Group, Bill Kong
Aims of fund: To discover and nurture new directing talent across Asia. Debut films produced under the fund will go towards establishing a library of titles. A minimum quota of 20 feature films has been set for the decade lifespan of the fund.
Projects backed: Claustrophobia
Contact: Nansun Shi, distribution workshop; (852) 2768 8678

PAMIEM Film Fund
Raising: $50m
Established by: Avex Group, Media Asia
Aims of fund: Avex and Hong Kong's eSun Holdings, parent of the Media Asia Group, are each contributing $25m to this five-year fund which aims to develop, finance and produce feature films targeted primarily at Asian markets.
Contact: Buddy Marini, Avex Group; (852) 2504 2181. John Chong, Media Asia; (852) 2314 4288

Vistaar Religare Film Fund (VRFF)
Raising: $50m (RUP2bn)
Established by: Religare Enterprises, Vistaar Entertainment Ventures
Aims of fund: Touted as India's first regulated film fund, this five-year venture capital fund intends to invest in film projects in India and overseas and will focus on providing a platform for new directing, writing and acting talent. Religare is a financial services company and Vistaar is the holding company of The Friday Fund and WSG Pictures.
Projects backed: Avasthi
Contact: Sheetal Talwar;,

Entertainment Farm
Film development and financing outfit that has raised several production funds for film, animation, manga and online games with investors from Japan and other parts of Asia. Investments include Japanese titles such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa's award-winning Tokyo Sonata and international projects including Wayne Wang's A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers and Mira Nair's The Namesake. Also launching a fund in Singapore.
Contact: Yasushi Kotani, president;

Independent Film Fund
Raising: $18m (¥2bn) each for IFF1 and IFF2
Established by: Cinema Investment Corp (CINV)
Aims of fund: To invest in projects by independent producers in Japan and overseas. IFF1 invested in 22 projects including Fernando Meirelles' Blindness, Francois Girard's Silk and Anton Corbijn's Control, along with local titles such as Sakuran and Heavenly Forest. IFF2 has so far invested in four projects including Max Mannix's Rain Fall.
Contact: Akira Ishii, CEO, CINV;

Japan Digital Contents Trust
Manages several funds including the Tokyo Multimedia Fund, to invest in a range of media content including films and animation, and Cinema Trust, for the production of films from five indie producers, including Sedic International. Also established a fund with Cinequanon in 2005 that has financed films such as Last Game and Hula Girls.
Contact: Hirobumi Doi, president;

Japan Film Fund
Raising: $32m (¥3.5bn) over seven years
Established by: Kadokawa Pictures
Aims of fund: One of the first Japanese funds launched in 2004, JFF plans to produce 20 films over its seven-year life although investors can cash out after five. Investors include Development Bank of Japan and Mizuho Financial Group.
Projects backed: One Missed Call 2, The Great Goblin War
Contact: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa; (81) 3 5213 0681

Hanhwa-Daisy 2nd Cultural Contents Investment Fund
Raising: $10m
Established by: Hanhwa Venture Capital and Daisy Entertainment
Aims of fund: Launched in April, to invest in a minimum of 10 foreign films a year which have been bought by Korean distributors.
Contact: Jung Hoon;,

Asia Culture Technology Investment (ACTI) Content Fund
Raising: $15m
Established by: ACTI
Aims of fund: Launched in June, this Busan-based fund has government investment as well as money from Showbox Mediaplex and Yedang Entertainment, with 40% of the fund to be invested in films.
Contact: Yoo In-taek;

KT Global New Media Investment Fund
Raising: $40m
Established by: Korea Telecom (KT) and Softbank Ventures
Aims of fund: Launched this April, to invest in content for new media, especially KT's IPTV platform. Focused on Korean content but interested in expanding internationally.
Contact: Sungwoon Yu, Softbank Ventures Korea;

Sovic Visual Contents Investment Fund, Sovic Diversity Fund
Raising: $20m and $5m respectively
Established by: Sovic Venture Capital
Aims of fund: SVCIF is a film and animation fund with an interest in international co-production, particularly animations. SDF looks to invest in low-budget arthouse films for the Korean market.
Contact: Samuel Ha;

Access Asia
Raising: TBC
Established by: Movie Plus president Christopher Brough (Canada), Salon Films chairman Fred Wang (HK) and producer John Heyman (UK).
Aims of fund: Cayman Islands-based Access Asia is establishing a fund focused mostly on English-language co-productions aimed at global markets.
Contact: Fred Wang, chairman, Salon Films; (852) 2338 0505

Asian Film Fund
Raising: $285m
Established by: The Weinstein Company
Aims of fund: To fully finance the production, acquisition and distribution of around 31 Asian-themed films over six years. Goldman Sachs structured the fund and a group of banks led by Comerica provided senior debt. Citigroup Global Markets provided mezzanine and equity alongside PMA Capital Management. TWC is also an equity investor.
Contact: Lee Solomon, COO, and Bey Logan;

Entertainment Farm Pte Ltd
Raising: $30m-$50m
Established by: Entertainment Farm (Japan)
Aims of fund: Tokyo-based Entertainment Farm is establishing this fund in Singapore to underwrite 10-15 features in the US and Asia over three years. Projects, mostly English or Japanese-language, will be brought via Entertainment Farm producer Yukie Kito.
Contact: Yasushi Kotani, president.

Hyde Park Entertainment
Raising: $55m-$72m (S$75m-S$100m)
Established by: Hyde Park Entertainment
Aims of fund: Structured with a combination of debt and equity, with support from Singapore's Media Development Authority, the fund will back projects from US-based Hyde Park's Singapore outpost which aims to produce three to four films per year, including Hollywood films and cross-cultural titles aimed at global audiences.
Contact: Ashok Amritraj, chairman and CEO;

Raffles China Media Fund
Raising: $7m (S$10m)
Established by: Neo Studios
Aims of fund: Neo Studios' media financing initiative, with initial funding of $7m, will support the co-investment and co-production of films for distribution in China. Through the fund, Neo Studios will produce films for three years with the Shanghai Film Group, Xian's Western Movie Group and Hong Kong's Big Media Group.
Contact: Jack Neo;

RGM Entertainment
Raising: $400m
Established by: RGM Entertainment
Aims of fund: Singapore-based RGM is launching a financing facility, with debt provided by Oceania Media Finance LLC, to fully fund up to $400m worth of projects over four years. The slate will consist of English-language film and TV projects for global distribution. RGM opened a Singapore office three years ago to provide gap finance for English-language film projects.
Contact: Devesh Chetty, CEO;

Bigfoot Partners Film Fund
Established by: Bigfoot Entertainment
Aims of fund: Bigfoot, which has offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Cebu in the Philippines, fully finances projects in the $1m-$3m range or 20% of projects in the $10m-$20m range, with a focus on Asia-themed, preferably English-language, projects. The former should ideally be able to shoot or hold post-production at Bigfoot's facilities in Cebu.
Projects backed: 3 Needles, Irreversi, Huilu, Deep Gold, Shanghai Kiss
Contact: Kacy Andrews, CEO;

Media Vantage
Raising: $300m
Established by: Taiwanese entrepreneur Alan Lin
Aims of fund: Touted as Taiwan's first venture-capital firm specialising in the entertainment and cultural industries. The fund has invested in film but mainly focuses on talent companies and Chinese TV including a local version of The Apprentice.
Projects backed: My DNA Says I Love You
Contact: Diane Chou,

Cathay Global Entertainment Fund
Raising: $30m
Established by: Cathay Securities Investment Trust, American Pegasus
Aims of fund: Hong Kong film-maker Stephen Chow, a consultant for American Pegasus, is advising Cathay Securities on this entertainment fund which plans to invest around 10%-20% of the total fund into listed film companies. Cathay is also raising a second private fund to invest $33m into Chinese movies with international potential greenlit by Chow.
Contact: Mike Lee;