Avi Mograbi's documentary 'Z-32', has been restricted by the Israeli Board of Censors for an over 14 audience, after an appeal on its over 16 restriction.

In the film, Mograbi interviews a veteran of an elite Israeli military unit, who undergoes an existential crisis as he recounts his participation in the arbitrary elimination of two Palestinian policemen, in retaliation for the murder of several Israeli soldiers. A digital mask has been used to hide the features of the soldier and his girlfriend, who are both featured in the film.

The film was presented to the censors prior to its future theatrical distribution. It was initially given an over 16 restriction, although the censors did not provide the reasons for their decision at that time.

Following an appeal by Mograbi, the restriction was scaled down to an over 14 rating. The Board has stated that given the sensitive subject of the film, and the ambiguity for viewers as to whether this is a documentary or fiction, a certain degree of maturity is needed in order to view it.

Mograbi has since claimed that the Board has exceeded its authority, as political matters are strictly outside the Censors' charter.

The film, which recently screened in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival, has already screened several times for the media at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.