Beijing's municipal government has established a unit called the Beijing International Copyright Trade Centre, which is China's first cross governmental unit focusing on copyright trade and protection services.

Established as Beijing's first ever one-stop shop for full copyright-related services, the centre will provide copyright registration, legal services on intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, copyright management and copyright infringement reports.

According to Jonary Bian, operating director of the centre's official website, the centre integrates previous IPR protection services provided by different government units, such as the anti-piracy task force in the public security department, copyright and patent registration from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright and infringement report services from Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Copyright protection social groups such as China Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association and Copyright Union of Internet Society of China will also be stationed in the new centre as part of its services. The two groups offer information on authorised internet content or audiovisual works and list the copyright holders.

Eugene Yu, chief representative of MPA China, has been recruited as the business consultant for the centre.

The establishment of the centre is seen by film industry players as China 's effort to provide transparent information on copyright protection, especially on the newly developed areas such as online movie distribution, IPTV and mobile TV and movie services.

'We certainly hope the centre will work well on copyright protection and information because this will mean more business opportunities for us especially on the new media areas,' said Luke Xiang, china business director for Twentieth Century Fox International.