Frankfurt-based BOLL KG hasraised $107m with its production investment fund to finance feature films basedon video games, according to CEO and director Uwe Boll. The new money will bedirected toward the coproduction partnership Boll established withVancouver-based service production specialist Brightlight Pictures.

The partners are working ona slate of projects that will tap Canadian tax credits, including two completedfilms - Alone In The Dark,starring Christian Slater and Tara Reid, and BloodRayne, starring Kristanna Loken and Ben Kingsley - both setfor distribution in 2005. Another title, Dungeon Siege goes before camera this year.

Said Boll in a statement,'In 2003, Boll KG saw $47 million (US funds) raised and in the 2004fiscal, we increased this amount to $107 million, which is a great success inthe film industry." With the rising popularity of films based on computergames, Boll anticipates high box office sales for both films."

Since its launch in 2000Boll has developed eight features, including $10.6m House Of The Dead, which grossed $40m worldwide.