Canadian Cinema Editors has announced the 2013 nominees for the nominees in the 3rd Annual awards on Jun 6.

The nominees are:

Best Editing in Feature Length

·           Adam Locke-Norton for Stress Position

·           Stephen Philipson for Molly Maxwell

·           Dev Singh for Picture Day

·           Matt Hannam for Antiviral

·           Roderick Deogrades for Still Mine

Best Editing in Documentary

·           Kelly Morris for A Wolf Called Storm

·           Matt Lyon for Lunarcy!

·           Michèle Hozer for Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children

·           Nick Hector for Echoes

·           Marcus Valentin for “Air Aces, Episode: Red Tails

Best Editing in Short film

·           Andrew Coutts for Sequence

·           Erin Deck for The Devil’s Carnival

·           Michelle Szemberg for For Dorian

·           Bryan Atkinson for Night Light

·           Gordon Rempel for The Weather Girl

Lifetime Achievement Awards

·           Ralph Brunjes

·           Kelly Smith (Posthumous)

·           Rik Morden (Posthumous)