Confirming the European and Asian-heavy weighting of the Cannes main competition, the Critics' week boasts two Far Eastern films - one from Korea, one from Taiwan - and two from France.

Francophone film-makers are also heavily represented among the short films in the section. Two are from France, one more each from French-speaking Canada and from Belgium. Astonishingly, the renowned feature director Neil Jordan has a film competing for the critics' short prize.

Opening film - not competing:
Bellyful (Melvin van Peebles) (France)

Feature-length films competing:
Happy End (Jung Ji-Woo) (Korea)
Amores Perros (Alejandro Gonzales) (Mexico)
Les Autres Filles (Caroline Vignal) (France)
Hidden Whisper (Vivian Chang) (Taiwan)
Krampack (Cesc Gay) (Spain)
De L'Histoire Ancienne (Orso Miret) (France)
Good Housekeeping (Frank Novak) (US)

Short films:
Le Dernier Reve (Emmanuel Jespers) (Belgium)
Faux Contact ( Eric Jameux) (France)
To Be Continued (Linus Tunstroem) (Sweden)
Le Chapeau (Michele Cournoyer) (Canada)
Les Meduses (Delphine Gleize) (France)
The Artist's Circle (Bruce Marchfelder) (Canada)
Not I (Neil Jordan) (Ireland)