Programme has highlighted six key areas in which the sector can progress and emerging talent can be better supported.

TalentX, Creative England’s platform for development executives across Europe, has set a number of goals aimed at progressing the sector.

In March, more than 40 developers, including film funds, film schools, development labs and training organisations, sales agents, distributors, production companies and filmmakers from across Europe , met at EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam for the inaugural event which explored best practise for talent development in different markets.

In a report published during the Cannes Film Festival, the programme has highlighted six key areas in which the sector can progress and emerging talent can be better supported, as detailed below.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Public and Private – it is essential for the realistic career development and progression of talent that we find a way of enabling public and private sectors to meet seamlessly and effectively, through improved understanding of how their primary interests can better align. 

  • Prioritising Producers – acknowledging the place of producers in the ‘talent triangle’, supporting their role in bringing on writers and directors, and equipping them with the right skills is vital to the development of a sustainable film business ecology. 

  • Supporting Talent Beyond First Features – when considering impact on long-term career progression, public sector support should not just focus on first features, but move beyond to include second and third; and the importance of continuing a dialogue with directors through festival and publicity stages should not be under-estimated. 

  • Driving Diversity & Discovery – creating a variety of alternative approaches to developing talent is critical in increasing inclusion, alongside tackling diversity across the value chain to bring a wider range of voices into film journalism, funding and commissioning;  we must also acknowledge that having a greater diversity of stories in film brings potential to create or grow audiences, increasing both cultural and commercial value. 

  • Developing Creative  Teams & Communities – focusing on developing the talent triangle - rather than just the individuals within it - is critical; we need to foster a sense of community and provide ‘safe’ creative spaces in which to meet, explore and work; talent developers must be key advocates in connecting and championing talent within the industry. 

  • Taking a Fresh Approach – the role of the ‘talent developer’ within the public sector needs to evolve with the changing markets and the challenges faced by talent in the ‘real world’, allowing for flexibility, failure - and fun. 

Planned as an annual event, TalentX is hosted by Creative England in partnership with the Danish Film Institute, the Irish Film Board and the Netherlands Film Fund, and is supported by the EU’s Creative Europe Media Programme.