Film France, the national film commission which groups together a network of 40 regional commissions, has announced that a record number of films in this year’s Cannes selection have been aided by its members throughout the country.

Twenty-five features across the varied selections and seven short films benefited from the aid of regional film bodies, whether it be in the form of financial or administrative support. The total is up 14% over 2010.

In the official selection, 11 films were aided including four from the main competition: Bertrand Bonello’s L’Appolonide, Alain Cavalier’s Pater, Aki Kaurismaki’s Le Havre and Maiwenn’s Polisse. Notably, both the opening night film, Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, and the closing night film, Christophe Honoré’s Les Bien-Aimés, were also recipients of a hand from the regions. Meanwhile, seven films from Critics Week and ten from the Fortnight also benefited.

In total, 20 commissions accompanied the 32 films with the Ile de France region the most active. Also often landing in the credits this year are the regions of Alsace, Haute-Normandie and La Seine-Saint-Denis.

Film France is notably the group strongly responsible for the nation’s relatively new international tax credit scheme (TRIP) which has lured many high-profile US films to the territory including Midnight In Paris. Film France can be found at the International Village in Cannes.