Portuguese filmmaker [pictured] to award Nespresso Grand Prize for La Semaine de la Critique at the upcoming 52nd Cannes.

Miguel Gomes has been confirmed as the president of this year’s Cannes’ Critics’ Week.

Alongside four international journalists, the Portuguese filmmaker will award the Nespresso Grand Prize for La Semaine de la Critique.

Gomes commented: “I am very proud to be able to support a film by rewarding it. Even though I have just completed a short and am preparing a feature film, this is an experience I couldn’t resist taking part in.”

He continued: “As a director, president of a jury of international film critics, I aim to be very democratic and open. Within all these films, a deal is made with the viewer: the latter should be able to project their own world and sensitivity onto them. I will try and find this in those first features.”

Gomes’ third film Tabu won two prizes at the 2012 Berlinale: the International Critics Prize, FIPRESCI, and the Alfred-Bauer Prize.