Hong Kong-based Celestial Pictures has signed two new distribution deals for its Shaw Brothers library with MGM Channel Central Europe and Kadokawa Entertainment in Japan.

The deal with Kadokawa includes video, pay-TV, free TV, video-on-demand and mobile distribution rights. Kadokawa will offer different genres from the Shaw Brothers library - including horror, fantasies, action and martial arts - with specific titles including The Treasure Hunters, Boxers Omen and Chinatown Kid.

Celestial has also sealed an exclusive deal with MGM Channel Central Europe which will premiere Shaw Brothers titles in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The partnership marks the first time that Shaw Brothers martial arts films will be available on pay-TV in these territories.

The deal follows the partnership between Celestial and MGM Channel built up over the past three years over the success of MGM Channel Germany's Kung Fu Classics nights.

Celestial has remastered 760 titles from the Shaw Brothers library and licensed them around the world to home video, television and new media platforms.