Actress Michelle Yeoh, producer Terence Chang and Taiwanese media veteran David Tang officially unveiled their joint talent management company, Stellar Entertainment, in Hong Kong on Saturday.

Based in Hong Kong and Taipei, the company has already signed acting talent including Kelly Lin (Sparrow), Zhang Fengyi (Red Cliff), Brandon Chang (The Touch), Pace Wu, Mark Cheng and two newcomers from the mainland - Yang Zisan and Yuen Xinyu.

It has also signed screenwriters including Wang Huiling, who scripted Lust, Caution and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Taiwan's Su Chaoping who wrote and directed Silk. Stellar's roster of directors includes Patrick Leung (Simply Actors) and Benny Lau.

The outfit aims to develop new stars for the pan-Asian film market, which has been relying on the same small pool of A-list talent, and also take established stars to the next level.

It will have an informal partnership with Chang and John Woo's production outfit, Lion Rock Productions, and is likely to supply talent to Woo's upcoming projects including Chinese-language historical epic 1949.

The company is also considering opening a branch office in China. It will alsotap into Chang and Yeoh's extensive contacts in the US and European markets. Tang, a renownedjournalist andfilm critic with producing experience,will manage the company on a day-to-day basis.