Canadian exhibitor Cineplex Entertainment is increasing the number of screens devoted to video presentations of the Metropolitan Opera live from New York 's Lincoln Centre. The high-definition transmissions will be delivered via satellite to 34 cinemas across Canada, up from 28.

'The first three transmissions, Mozart's Magic Flute, Bellini's I Puritani and Tan Dun's The First Emperor, have been a resounding success with many theatres having sold out in advance of the presentation and others selling out the day of the event,' said Cineplex spokesperson Pat Marshall in a statement. She said the additional cinemas were added because of patron demand.

Opera fans pay a premium for their pleasure. While typical film prices are $11.40 (C$13.50), prices for the live performances are $16.90 (C$20) for adults and about $14.36 (C$17) for children and seniors.