Cafedirect, the UK fairtrade coffee and tea company, is undertaking a film project that will include three feature-length films.

Cafedirect's The Trilogy will be three large-scale productions for commercial release that will reflect future society based on the current social, economic, political and environmental global issues.

The company is seeking film and TV companies, writers directors producers and actors to work on the films.

The collaborators on each feature will determine the story, location, vision and genre of each story.

Cafedirect has development funding in place and will bring on board corporations and foundations for further investment and sponsorship.

The company expects film development will start from Dec 10 and films will be in production starting in May 2008.

Interested companies can email and interested individuals can register at

'Film is such a compelling medium, and there's a history of films that have positively changed the world, galvanized people into action and had powerful effects on real people,' said Zachary Dominitz, head of corporate affairs for the Cafedirect. 'Cafedirect is really a tool for change, a progressive trading model, and the opportunity here to do something groundbreaking is inspiring.'