Dancer In The Dark, this year's Cannes Palme D'Or winner, had a disappointing opening when it was released last weekend (Sept 8) in Scandinavia - the first territory the drama-musical has played to a paying audience.

Despite successful preview screenings of $180,223 (dkr1,562,965) in Denmark, mixed reviews are likely to have damaged von Trier's weekend opening. Its three-day gross of $103,102 from 49 screens - a screen average of just $2,104, put it in second place behind X-Men's weekend take of $309,754 from 60 screens.

Elsewhere in Scandinavia, the musical was met with fierce competition from US films, as well as other domestic features, alongside some good but mostly downgrading reviews.

In Sweden, Dancer In The Dark only made fifth place with a gross of $96,330 (skr928,621) on 34 screens. Two US films achieved better results: Hollow Man with $322,236 on 73 screens and Keeping The Faith grossed $60,425 from 54 screens. However, neither of the movies managed to remove the Swedish film and Venice festival favourite Together (Tillsammans) from the top spot which scooped $488,666 on 89 screens.

In Norway, Dancer took fifth place with a 3 days gross of $63,858 (nkr587,495), while X-Men took the top spot with a gross of $254,330 on 56 screens.

Results were little better in Finland, as Dancer In The Dark's limited six screen release was unable to compete with either X-Men, Chicken Run or the local success Badding. Dancer was placed in sixth place with a weekend gross of $25,433 (fim152,598).

Outside Denmark, Dancer In The Dark is released by pan-Scandinavian distributor Sandrew Metronome through a sub-distribution deal with Angel Film (who are said to have paid $10m for the Scandinavian distribution rights). Angel Film is handling the Danish theatrical release itself.