Denmark's box office is faring better than the rest of Europe. With many European countries seeing ticket sales dip 15-20%, Denmark is only down about 7% over last year, and with blockbusters such as Harry Potter and King Kong forthcoming, Danish box-office performance could be on par with last year by the end of December.

The main reason for the relative health of the Danish industry is a record sale of 3.7 million tickets for local films. That's the highest number of admissions for local films since 1981, when the hugely popular Olsen Gang still ruled in cinemas -- selling between half a million to one million tickets each year. The final result for the local share is tipped to be around 30% this year, up from an already handsome 25% during the past few years.

Anders Thomas Jensen was the top man in the first part of the year with 345,000 admisions for Sun King, which he wrote, and 355,000 for Oscar candidate Adam's Apples, which he directed. The autumn has been dominated by nearly 400,000 tickets sold for Per Fly's Manslaughter as well as two new films: family feature Far til fire gi'r aldrig op (Father Never Gives Up) with 457,000 and counting and Nynne (local cousin to Bridget Jones) with 221,000 and counting.

That said, 15 of the 26 local features have sold less than 60,000 tickets each.