Danish box office takings for 2005 were $125m(103,230,809 Euros), a drop of 1.85% on 2004's record year. This slight declinebucks the trend for the box office across Europe which saw all territories substantiallydown such as Germany with an 18.1% drop and Spain down by 12.7%.

Local films did extremely well accounting forbetween 32-33% of box-office admissions, the official figure is yet to bereleased. The market share for 2005 is substantially higher than the 24% whichlocal films accounted for in 2004.

The top three Danish films for the year werefamily comedy Father Doesn't Give Up with502,338 admissions, romantic comedy Nynne with 400,393 and Per Fly's last film in hisclass-trilogy Manslaughter on 392,760. In fourth and fifth place were the AndersThomas Jensen projects, Adam's Apples on355,000 and The Sun King with 346,000admissions.

The top three international films saw Harry Potter And TheGoblet of Fire at the top of the league with 682,372 admissions followed bythe final episode of Star Wars443,260 and Madagascar coming in third place with 410,000.

Top local distributor was NordiskFilm with around 24% of the box office and the top foreign distributor was UIPwith a minimum 25% share due to blockbusters such as War of the Worlds, King Kong and Madagascar.