Danish producer-distributor Angel Films has joined with Anders Morgenthaler's TV-Animation in a new production outfit Five For One, which plans to produce five digital animated children's features.

Using a new specially designed computer software and Dogme-like production principals they intend to make the five films for the price of one.

Director Anders Morgenthaler, whose Araki - The Killing Of A Japanese Photographer competes in Berlin, will act as creative producer along with Angel Films' head of distribution Sara Stockmann.

TV-Animation previously produced animations for TV-stations like ZDF, WDR, Fox Kids, Teletoon as well as the Nordic broadcasters, and it is this knowledge they intend to bring to the features which will have a DKR12m price tag in total.

'We will have 10 people working on two films at a time,' says Morgenthaler, 'and we plan to do them in 14 months with another two in postproduction.'

The films, based on the already popular Nelly Nut series, will be directed by Mikkel Egelund and Mira And Marie by Rikke Halland. They are expected to shoot this summer.