PR and marketing consultancyDennis Davidson Associates is celebrating its 35th anniversary byholding a champagne reception, dinner and concert in London on Dec 6 in aid ofthe Small Faces' All Children's Charity and the Cinema & TelevisionBenevolent Fund.

To highlight DDA's earlyrelationships across film and music including some of its earlier work with TheWho on Tommy, The Kids AreAlright and Quadrophenia, Kenney Jones, drummer with The Who and Small Faces,will perform with his new band The Jones Gang at the celebration.

DDA has been responsible fornumerous film campaigns throughout its history from seminal 70s films like BugsyMalone, Picnic At Hanging Rock and TheStud to recent blockbusters like KillBill and The Lord Of the Rings.

"I am extremelygrateful to the clients, the media and most specially the colleagues who havebeen the cornerstones of DDA's success during its 35 years. I am also gratefulto Kenney for agreeing to remind me of one of the many key and happy periods inDDA's history," said Davidson in a statement. "However, I'm notquite ready for the eponymous Lifetime Achievement Award and I look forward toDDA's Golden Jubilee!"

Davidson set the company upin 1970 with Michael Dalling and the DDA originally stood for Davidson DallingAssociates. Dalling left London for LA in 1975 to set up a US office, at whichpoint Davidson acquired Dalling's equity share in the company, renaming itDennis Davidson Associates.