After the high-profile success of last year's Panoramaopening film Walk On Water, Israeli-American director Eytan Fox is using Berlin as the platform for his next film The Bubble.

New French sales company Scalpel Films has picked upinternational rights to the story of three young people who share an apartmentin Tel Aviv's trendiest art district.

The Bubble willshoot this spring and be completed for this time next year. It will again beproduced by Fox's screenwriting partner Gal Uchovsky.

"'The Bubble' is how Tel Aviv people refer to theircity," said Fox. "My film will combine music, Shakespeare, gays, Palestinians,love prejudice and much more."

Scalpel is headed by Pierre Menahem, who previouslyrepresented Walk On Water atCelluloid Dreams. He launched the company with Saviero Costanzo's Private at Locarno last year.

"I am very happy to follow upon the most successful director in Israel. This is very trendy, funny, tragic,light and serious project," said Menahem. "We will begin presales in Berlin bytargeting several good independent European distributors."

Walk On Waterwas sold to over 30 territories and opens next month in the US through SamuelGoldwyn Films and Roadside Attractions.