Eddie Murphy’s poorly received comedy no longer coming out in June.

Originally scheduled to come out on June 8 via Paramount, A Thousand Words has been pulled from UK theatrical release.

The comedy, which stars Eddie Murphy as a literary agent who finds a tree in his garden that sheds leaves every time he speaks and discovers that he will die when the leaves run out, was poorly received by critics on its US release at the start of this month and had sat on the shelves for nearly four years.

In three weeks of release in the US, it has made a lacklustre $15m at the box office and started its international roll-out this week, making $754,822 from three markets. It is still scheduled for release in the likes of France (May 16) and Germany (June 28).

Eddie Murphy’s previous film Tower Heist, which also starred Ben Stiller, made $7.3m (£4.6m) in the UK.