Fans will get their chance to pick where Zam Salim’s comedy premieres and where it screens in the UK.

A digital initiative, powered by Distrify, will give fans the chance to dictate where Zam Salim’s award-winning comedy Up There will premiere and screen in the UK.

The innovative online marketing campaign will hold a series of interactive games and virals on the film’s website, generating a “popularity heatmark” to help shape the overall distribution strategy for the film’s release, and will also give fans a chance to win a ‘People’s Premiere’ of the film with the UK location generating the most interest in the film getting to host.

Annalise Davis from Wilder Films commented: “When Zam’s short film Laid Off became a YouTube sensation with over 500,000 views, we quickly realised that leading with a digital strategy would be a great way of engaging with fans. We have worked closely with Distrify to create a unique online marketing tool which allows us to identify the areas of the country which respond best to the film’s unique concept and tone.”

Up There will be released in the UK on Nov 16 and is set to be screened in Merlin and Reel cinemas across the UK, as well as cinemas in Inverness, Glasgow, Welwyn Garden City, Ipswich, Bath, Nottingham and Aberyswyth.

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