Socially conscious distributor Dogwoof signs new technology deal to create an online community around its films and the issues they raise.

Age Of Stupid and Food Inc distributor Dogwoof is creating an online community in a bid to raise awareness of the social issues surrounding its films.

The UK-based distributor has signed a deal with media platform Cisco Eros to create Good With Film, a centralised hub that will link to the indivdual sites for its films. It is hoped the site will encourage interest in the issues raised in its films beyond their release window.

Dogwoof plans to create six sites over the next 12 months, to tie in with its films No Impact Man, Videocracy, H2Oil and Budrus.

“The audience is engaging with films in a different way, and we are constantly adopting new technologies to meet their needs,” said Andy Whittaker, founder of Dogwoof. “The Cisco Eos platform will enable us to create fully integrated and interactive sites for our audiences and will also enable us to provide film-makers with the necessary tools to interact with their audiences.”