The Dutch government has extended tax measures, introduced in 1997 to encourage private investment in local film production, for another 12 months.

The move is an interim measure until the government develops a new support system in which "film entrepreneurs instead of investors" will be the first in line to reap the benefits.

The government considers the current system, through which investors can set off their entire investment plus another 25% of their taxable income, too expensive to continue in the long-term. It has also been criticised by analysts for benefiting a handful of foreign producers and not contributing to the infrastructure of the local industry.

But despite its detractors the current tax incentive scheme has resulted in a production boom in the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands Film Festival, which takes place until September 29 in Utrecht, is premiering fewer new Dutch features - only five compared to 19 last year - as many as six local titles are scheduled for theatrical release in December alone.