In a bid to stamp its mark on Italy's turbulent distribution scene, recapitalised distributor Eagle Pictures has unveiled its first full theatrical slate and also announced development of $60m medical drama, The Lazarus Child.

Eagle secured a $300m war chest to invest in film and TV productions and acquisitions last year when private equity financier B&S took a 20% stake in the company. At the same time former SACIS chief Giampaolo Sodano was appointed as president.

Eagle has since built up a slate of 20 high-profile pictures for 2000/2001, including previously announced acquisitions such as John McTiernan's upcoming Rollerball remake, secured through it's partnership with Germany's Helkon; Rules Of Engagement, from Seven Arts International; Novocaine and The Calling, from Summit Entertainment; and Sidewalks Of New York, from Buena Vista Film Sales.

Eagle's slate also includes two pictures from Martin Bregman and Ann Dubinet's Alchemy; Sylvester Stallone starrer Gold Coast and The Moe Snyder Project, set to star Angelina Jolie.

The first release from Eagle's slate will be teen comedy 100 Girls in late August.

The Lazarus Child, an English-language adaptation of Robert Mawson's best-selling novel, is being made as a co-production with Silvio Berlusconi's Mediatrade. Eagle expects to release the picture in 2001.

Eagle's 2000/2001 slate also includes:

  • A Shot At Glory, Cletis Tout, Shadow Hours, Interstate 60, Morton Orwell and The Descent, all from Seven Arts.
  • Where The Heart Is, The Wedding Planner and Whipped, from Intermedia (now called Internationalmedia).
  • The Third Wheel, starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, from Tomorrow Film Corp.
  • Ties That Bind, starring Andy Garcia, from Legend Film.
  • Hell's Kitchen, starring Angelina Jolie and Rosanna Arquette, from Storm Entertainment.
  • The Opportunist, starring Christopher Walken, from Overseas Filmgroup.
  • Harrison's Flowers, starring Andie MacDowell, from Le Studio Canal Plus.
  • Beyond City Limits, starring Nastassja Kinski and Jennifer Esposito, from Filmtown.
  • The Guilty, starring Bill Pullman and Gabrielle Anwar, from the UK's J&M Entertainment.