Top actors take on directing duties while a sports biopic and a Peking Opera period drama are among the Hong Kong and China projects set to tempt AFM buyers. 

Better Days

Source: We Distribution

‘Better Days’

At Last

Dir. Liu Yiwei
Filmed on Australia’s Gold Coast, this China-Australia co-production tells the story of a Chinese couple who take a vacation in Australia, only to get caught up in a series of international gangster activities. Produced by Beijing Monumental Film and Australia’s Storybridge Films, the adventure comedy stars Yan Ni, Zhang Jiayi and Liu, a well-known actor who made his directing debut with comedy Really? in 2018. The film’s Chinese release is scheduled for March 2020.
Contact: Elliot Tong, Autumn Sun

Atonement (working title)

Dirs. Ronald Cheng, Mark Wu
Cheng, one of Hong Kong’s best-known actors, has moved behind the camera to co-direct this action drama with writer Mark Wu (Iceman). He also stars alongside Chrissie Chau (Master Z: Ip Man Legacy), Philip Keung (Shock Wave) and child actor Fu Shun Ying (Little Big Master). Currently in post-production, the film tells the story of a man whose daughter is abducted during their first trip to Thailand, forcing him to stay in the country to rescue her and take vengeance against the kidnappers.
Contact: Mia Sin, Universe Films Distribution 

Back To The Past

Dirs. Ng Yuen Fai, Jack Lai
Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam head the cast of this period action film, co-directed by Ng Yuen Fai, who runs One Cool’s VFX company FatFace Production, and Jack Lai, previously an assistant director working with Johnnie To. Currently in production, the film follows a cop who is hired to go back in time to the Qin Dynasty in search of a billionaire’s son who disappeared after taking part in a time-travel experiment. Ng is also directing One Cool’s $55m sci-fi action film Warriors Of Future, now in post-production.
Contact: Christy Choi, One Cool Pictures 

Better Days

Dir. Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang
Derek Tsang’s second feature as sole director revolves around a girl who is being bullied at school and her relationship with a tough street kid, with whom she is implicated in the murder of a teenage girl. Zhou Dongyu (Us & Them) and Jackson Yee, a member of boy band TFBoys, head the cast. After having its China release postponed over the summer, the film opened on October 25 and grossed $120m in its first week. Tsang previously directed award-winning drama Soul Mate and co-directed two films, Lover’s Discourse and Lacuna, with Jimmy Wan.
Contact: Andree Sham, We Distribution 

Death Notice

Dir. Herman Yau
Now in post-production, this action drama follows a mysterious killer who executes criminals that have slipped through the justice system by sending out a ‘death notice’ stipulating the target’s name, crime and date of execution. Louis Koo, Julian Cheung and Francis Ng head the cast of the film, which is produced by China 3D Digital Entertainment and based on the popular novel of the same name by Zhou Haohui.
Contact: Fred Tsui, Media Asia

Detective Chinatown III

Dir. Chen Sicheng
Following instalments set in Bangkok and New York, the third entry in Wanda Pictures’ hugely successful action comedy franchise is currently shooting in Tokyo for release over Chinese New Year 2020. Japanese actor Satoshi Tsumabuki (The Assassin) has joined series regulars Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran in the cast. Released at the end of 2015, the originalDetective Chinatown grossed $122m, while the first sequel pulled in $503m in 2018.
Contact: Wen Mengchen,Wanda Pictures

Enter The Fat Dragon

Dir. Kenji Tanigaki
Donnie Yen and Wong Jing are both producing and starring in this action title about an overweight cop with emotional issues who is tasked with escorting a convict to Japan. Scheduled for release over Chinese New Year 2020, the film is directed by renowned action choreographer Tanigaki, whose credits include The Monkey King and Japanese manga adaptation Rurouni Kenshin. The cast also includes Teresa Mo, Niki Chow and Japanese actors Naoto Takenaka and Tetsu Watanabe.
Contact: Angela Wong, Mega-Vision Project Workshop

G Storm

Dir. David Lam Tak Luk
The latest instalment in producer Raymond Wong’s hugely successful anti-corruption franchise follows investigator William Luk to Thailand where he prevents a terrorist attack during a symposium held by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. While investigating corruption in the immigration department, he finds it has links to human trafficking in Thailand. Currently in pre-production, the $14m action drama again stars series regulars Louis Koo and Kevin Cheng.
Contact: Kat Yeung, Mandarin Motion Pictures 

I’m Livin’ It

Dir. Wong Hing Fan
Aaron Kwok and Miriam Yeung head the cast of this drama about a former financial whizz-kid who has hit rock bottom, and now spends his nights in a fast-food joint where he meets characters in a similar predicament. Produced by Soi Cheang, I’m Livin’ It is the directing debut of Wong, who has worked as assistant director on films such as Cold War 2and Rigor Mortis. Award-winning actors Alex Man and Nina Paw star in the film, which had its world premiere at Tokyo International Film Festival.
Contact, world ex China and select Asia territories: Grace Chan, Entertaining Power Co 
Contact, China and select Asia territories: Fred Tsui, Media Asia 

Ip Man 4: The Finale

Dir. Wilson Yip
The fourth instalment in producer Raymond Wong’s blockbuster Ip Man franchise will again star Donnie Yen as the eponymous kung-fu master, along with Wu Yue (Paradox), Vanness Wu (Monk Comes Down The Mountain) and Scott Adkins (American Assassin). Currently in post-production, the $52m film follows Ip Man to the US where he finds himself defending Chinese culture against a US imperialist officer. Yuen Wo Ping is again on board as action director.
Contact: Kat Yeung, Mandarin Motion Pictures 


Dir. Roy Chow
Chinese actor and singer Han Geng, formerly a member of K-pop band Super Junior, stars in this drama about a former boxing champion who returns to the ring following a prison stint to fulfil a promise made to his sick daughter. Currently in post-production, Knockout is directed by Roy Chow who has credits including Murderer (2009), Nightfall (2012) and Rise Of The Legend (2014). Vivian Wu (Dead Pigs) and Philip Keung (Shock Wave) also star.
Contact: Fred Tsui, Media Asia 


Dir. Peter Ho-sun Chan
Gong Li plays Chinese volleyball legend Lang Ping in this $18m drama about China’s women’s national volleyball team, which is currently in production and scheduled for release on January 25. After helping China win five championships in the 1980s as a player, Lang coached the US women’s national volleyball team, before returning to China to lead her home team to victory. The film is produced by Chan, Jojo Yuet-chun Hui and Zhang Yibai.
Contact: Andree Sham, We Distribution 

Love You Forever

Dir. Yao Tingting
Produced by Edko Films, Love You Forever is the second feature directed by China’s Yao Tingting, following 2016 romantic drama Yesterday Once More. Currently in post-production, the film follows an aspiring dancer who discovers a diary chronicling a timeless love story. The cast is headed by Li Yitong, whose credits include TV series The Legend Of The Condor Heroes, and Lee Hong-Chi, who won a Golden Horse Award for best new performer for Thanatos, Drunk(2015).
Contact: Julian Chiu, Edko Films 

The Opera House

Dir. Jacob Cheung
Mason Lee (Who Killed Cock Robin?), Xu Xiangdong (A Battle Of Wits) and Ou-Yang Nana (To The Fore) star in this period drama about the son of a Bagua Palms martial artist who decides to pursue a career in Peking Opera, disappointing his father who was hoping to pass on his skills. Produced by Bona Film Group, the film recently received its world premiere as the closing film of Pingyao International Film Festival. Cheung has credits including A Battle Of Wits (2006) and The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom (2014).
Contact: June Wu, Distribution Workshop 

Over The Sea

Dir. Sun Aoqian
Produced by Dun He (aka Yan Yunfei) for Shanghai Turan Movie Co, Sun’s feature debut follows an 11-year-old boy living with an uncle and cousin, who becomes disillusioned when he is told to lie in order to get hold of some settlement money. Yu Kunjie plays the child while Rebecca Li, represented by Chinese star Chen Kun’s talent agency, is making her acting debut as the cousin. The film received its world premiere in the New Currents competition of Busan International Film Festival and also played in Pingyao International Film Festival. 
Contact: Julian Chiu, Edko Films

Raging Fire

Dir. Benny Chan
Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse star in this crime action title about a cop whose past comes back to haunt him when his sting operation is attacked by a mysterious group of criminals. In post-production, the film is directed by leading action filmmaker Benny Chan, who has credits including Call Of Heroes (2016) and The White Storm (2013) and is also producing with Yen.
Contact: Miriam Cheung, Emperor Motion Pictures miriam

The Rescue

Dir. Dante Lam
Following Operation Red Sea and Operation Mekong, Hong Kong’s Dante Lam is working on another high-octane action drama - this time focusing on the emergency rescue team working for the Chinese Coast Guard. Starring Eddie Peng (Operation Mekong) and Xin Zhilei (Brotherhood Of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield), the $90m film is in post-production for release over Chinese New Year 2020.
Contact: Miriam Cheung, Emperor Motion Pictures 

Shock Wave 2

Dir. Herman Yau
Andy Lau and director Herman Yau are reteaming on a sequel to their hit action drama Shock Wave, which grossed $63m in mainland China in 2017. This instalment features completely new characters in a related story, and revolves around a bomb-disposal officer who is injured in a blast and then named as a suspect in a terrorist bombing. Currently in post-production for delivery in the second or third quarter of 2020, the film again stars Andy Lau, along with Sean Lau (The White Storm), Nini (The Flowers Of War) and Philip Keung (Shock Wave).
Contact: Mia Sin, Universe Films Distribution 

Somewhere Winter

Dir. David Weiming Wang
Based on Xueman Rao’s novel of the same name, inspired by singer Chyi Chin’s 1987 song ‘It’s About In Winter’, this romantic drama tells a love story that spans two generations and three cities. Produced by Jimmy Huang as a China-Taiwan co-production, the film stars Ma Sichun (Soul Mate) and Wallace Huo (Our Time Will Come) as star-crossed lovers attempting to sustain a relationship between Taipei and Beijing. Award-winning cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing (In The Mood For Love) is also on board the film, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2019.
Contact: June Wu, Distribution Workshop 


Dir. Joe Chien
Now in production, this action adventure features a strong cast of Taiwanese and Hong Kong actors, including Sunny Wang (Gatao), Rexen Cheng (Devil Fish: The Tag Along Sequel), Lee Kang Sheng (Stray Dogs) and Wiyona Yeung (We Are Legends). The story revolves around a member of a deep-sea rescue team who is haunted by a previous operation during which a mysterious creature rose from the ocean, killing everyone but him. Chien previously directed Zombie Fight Club and also has credits including mainland Chinese horror The House That Never Dies: Reawakening (2017). Andrew Lin, who worked with Chien on Zombie Fight Club, will also star and handle visual effects.
Contact: Grace Chan, Entertaining Power Co