16 projects to be pitched at the fourth Latin Side, which runs Nov 7-9, while nine projects are selected for Docs in Progress.

With 102 registered projects and over 200 attendees, the fourth Latin Side of the Doc is set to take place in Mexico City from Nov 7-9.

16 projects will be pitched and will be in contention for three awards: Best International Project, sponsored by France Ô and Sunny Side, with the winner receiving an invitation to pitch at Sunny Side during the MixDocs Breakfast taking place in June 2013 in France; Rio Content Award, with the winner receiving an invitation to pitch at Rio Content in February 2013; and the Chile Doc Award, with the winner receiving an invitation to Chiledoc Conecta Workshop.

The projects to be pitched at Latin Side are:

DANCING CITY - Productions Campagne Première (France)
COMMODITY TRADERS - Roche Production (France)
SEX, LOVE AND THERAPY- Fridthjof Film (Denmark)
HOW I BECAME ZORRO - Zaradoc (France)
LA LUCHA: THE STRUGGLE -Stone Soup Production (USA)
BATAILLE POUR RIO - La Realidad (France)
CHILDREN OF GIANT - Galan Inc. Television (USA)
THE BOLIVIAN CASE - United Notions (Australia)
A LINHA FRIA DO HORIZONTE - Coelho Producoes Artisticas(Brazil)
NUKEE PIVIT - Productora de Documentales y Argumentales de Autor (Colombia)
EL CODO DEL DIABLO - Producciones La Pecera (Costa Rica)
MULTITUDES - Passaparola Films (Uruguay)
EL HOMBRE CONGELADO - Lobo Hombre (Uruguay)
FIRMES - Fandango Films (Mexico)
PIRATE COPY - 212 Berlin (Mexico)

Also at this year’s Latin Side, nine documentaries which are currently being edited or are completed but are still looking for funding, will compete for the Estudios Churubusco Award for Best Doc in Progress, a new initiative set up at this year’s Sunny Side of the Doc.

The nine projects selected are:

AUTREMENT - Taleo Initiative (Mexico)
AVANT - Tarkiofilm (Uruguay)
CON LA NOCHE ADENTRO - Imago (Bolivia)
DARIO EN TOMA - La Toma (Chile)
PEACE OLD JAZZ BAND - Flying Moon Filmproduktion GmbH (Germany)
SHARKWATCH - Saint-Thomas Productions (France)
STORM IN THE ANDES - Manharen Film & TV (Sweden – Peru)
THE UMBRELLA MURDER - Ginger Foot (representative for German documentaries – an initiative of AG DOK and German-Films) (Germany)
YORGOS - Andoliado Producciones (Spain)

For more information, visit Latin Side’s website.