International Film Festival Rotterdam unveils 32 projects selected, as well as the three producers to receive Hubert Bals Fund Plus grant.

New projects from the likes of Kobayashi Masahiro [pictured], Lucrecia Martel, Radu Jude, David Verbeek and Yorgos Lanthimos have been selected to participate in the 2013 edition of CineMart, the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s (IFFR) co-production market which runs Jan 27-30.

The 30th edition of CineMart welcomes back filmmakers connected with the IFFR, including Kobayashi who was the subject of a retrospective in 2008 and will present his new project Just Like Love in the 2013 market. The festival will also host the European premiere of his latest film Japan’s Tragedy.

Upcoming filmmakers such as Maryna Vroda, Bikas Ranjan Mishra and Johannes Nyholm previously showed their short films at the IFFR, and will present their first feature film projects at the 2013 CineMart.

CineMart managers Marit van den Elshout and Jacobine van der Vloed commented: “We are proud to present a very strong selection for the 30th CineMart. From an overwhelmingly rich and varied collection of entries, we chose 32 projects that will certainly be welcomed and raise much interest among the potential partners. Despite a still difficult market, CineMart sees the large majority of our previous selections in production and, once realised, premiering at prestigious festivals, getting distributed and thus finding audiences.”

Alongside the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€30,000 for a European co-production) and the ARTE France Cinema Award (€7,000), CineMart will also award the inaugural WorldView New Genres Fund Development Award (€5,000). The winners will be announced during CineMart’s closing night party on Jan 30.

CineMart is supported by MEDIA Programme of the European Union, City Development Corporation (OBR), City of Rotterdam, Netherlands Film Fund, MEDIA Mundus, ARTE France Cinéma and Eurimages.

The IFFR has also unveiled the three producers who will receive a Hubert Bals Fund Plus grant of €50,000 from the Netherlands Film Fund.

Dutch producers Viking Film, Lemming Film and Revolver Film will all receive the grant for co-producing for co-producing a Hubert Bals Fund-supported film.

Viking Film will co-produce Gabriel Mascaro’s Bull Down! (Brazil), Revolver Film will co-produce Weng Shou-ming’s Du, Zooey, and Ma (China) and Lemming Film will co-produce Serbian project Humidity by Nikola Ljuca.

Applications can be granted with a maximum of € 50,000 for a Hubert Bals Fund project that has already received script and project development support and is co-produced by a Dutch producer.

The next selection round will take in place in Spring 2013. Annually 20 to 40 film productions receive support from the Hubert Bals Fund.

CineMart selected projects

Aferim!, by Radu Jude, production companies: Hi Film Productions, EZ Films, MIR Cinematografica (Romania/France/Italy)
Bang Gang
, by Eva Husson, production company: Full House (France)
Beer Girl
, by Wichanon Somumjarn, production company: Electric Eel Films (Thailand)
David Hockney: A Life In Pictures
, by Randall Wright, production companies: Blakeway Productions Ltd, Fly Film Company Ltd (UK)
Dead & Beautiful
, by David Verbeek, production companies: Lemming Film, Les Petites Lumières, China Blue Films (The Netherlands/France/China)
, by Boudewijn Koole, production company: Waterland Film (The Netherland)
Everything We Ever Had Was Now
, by Martijn Maria Smits, production company: Circe Films (The Netherlands)
The Giant
, by Johannes Nyholm, production companies: Beofilm Productions ApS, Garagefilm International AB (Denmark/Sweden)
La Holandesa
, by Joost van Ginkel, production company: Smarthouse Films (The Netherlands)
Just Like Love
, by Masahiro Kobayashi, production companies: Monkey Town Productions, Free Stone Productions (Japan/South Korea)
The Lobster
, by Yorgos Lanthimos, production companies: Element Pictures, Limp, Scarlet Films (UK/Ireland/Greece)
Low Tide
, by Daniel Mann, production companies: Arsam International, Laila Films (France/Israel)
Le Meraviglie
, by Alice Rohrwacher, production companies: Tempesta, Pandora Film Produktion GmbH, Amka Film (Italy/Germany/Switzerland)
Number Nine (working title)
, by Alex van Warmerdam, production company: Graniet Film (The Netherlands)
Rest Home
, by Michael Rowe, production companies: Possibles Média, Freshwater Pictures (Canada/Australia)
Sollers Point
, by Matthew Porterfield, production companies: Hamilton Film Group, Nomadic Independence, Steady Orbits (USA)
, by Maryna Vroda, production companies: Pronto Film, Directory Film (Ukraine)
, by Dustin Feneley, production company: Escapade Pictures (New Zealand)
Tarde Para Morir Joven
by Dominga Sotomayor, production companies: Cinestacion, Rey Cine Srl (Chile/Argentina)
They Have Escaped
, by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää, production company: Helsinki Filmi Oy (Finland)
Tiens Ta Droite
, by Robin Erard, production company: Box Productions (Switzerland)
The Wakhan Front
, by Clément Cogitore, production company: Kazak Productions (France)
Wild Fire
, by Bikas Ranjan Mishra, production company: DearCinema (India)
, by Lucrecia Martel, production companies: Lita Stantic Producciones S.A., El Deseo S.L.U., (Argentina/Spain)


Amnesia, by Willie Doherty, production company: Raw Nerve Productions Ltd (UK/Ireland)
La Distancia
, by Sergio Caballero, production company: Advanced Music S.L., Europamerica Asesores (Spain)
Future Histories
, by Fiona Tan, production company: Family Affair Films (The Netherlands)
Where is Rocky II?
, by Pierre Bismuth, production company: The Ink Connection (USA/France)


Days of Cannibalism, by Teboho Edkins, production company: Day Zero Film, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (South Africa/Germany)
The Load
, by Ognjen Glavonic, production company: Non-Aligned Films (Serbia)
Silver Shadow
, by Pablo Stoll, production company: Temperamento Films (Uruguay)
Extraño Pero Verdadero
, by Michel Lipkes, production company: Axolote Cine, Circo 20.2, Mandrake Pictures (Mexico/France)