In a highly unusual move, FilmFour Distributors is offering UK audiences for Dancer In The Dark their money back if they are unsatisfied. Cinema-goers will be given a full refund if they walk out of the film in its first 30 minutes.

The move is the latest step in FilmFour's "see it for yourself" campaign on the Lars von Trier musical. Adverts exhorting audiences to make their own minds up were placed in newspapers to counteract fierce criticism from critics.

"If you go to see Dancer In The Dark this Friday, the 29th of September, and decide...that the experience was not worth the price of your ticket, the cinema manager will refund your money to you," said Peter Buckingham, FilmFour's deputy chief executive. "If, on the other hand, having watched the film to its conclusion, you are deeply affected by Lars von Trier's vision and moved to tears by Bjork's performance, you won't be alone."

FilmFour argues that damning reviews appear to have dissuaded potential viewers, noting that audience numbers in previews were markedly higher than those on the film's opening weekend. The picture widens on Friday, September 29 after taking $4,200 per screen when it opened.