Buenos Aires based FilmSharks International has sold Rodrigo Pla's Cannes critic's title The Desert Within to seven more territories following its screening at Cannes.

Pla's anti-religious parable has been picked up by Action Film for Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, Pantheon Entertainment for Portugal, Seven Films in Greece and Alliance Lumiere for India.

The film has already been sold to Distrimax for release in the US, and offers are on the table from companies in France, Germany, the UK and Italy.

Other FilmSharks deals include the sale of Conrad Clark's Soul Carriage (winner of the new director award at last year's San Sebastian film festival), Ed Radtke's drama The Speed of Life and Mustafa Altioklar's crime thriller Shattered Soul to IFTV for France.

FilmSharks has also picked up the rights to Pablo Fendrik's next feature Fosforito (Fire Starter), following the director's OFAJ/TV5 Monde award win at Cannes for his film Blood Appears.