France's CNC and Germany's FFA have signed a joint declaration with regard to the evolution of digital projection and are calling on their European neighbours to join them in certain initiatives to aide in a coherent digital rollout.

Digital projection in Europe, say the CNC and the FFA, must operate with transparency and respect for the specificities and diversity of the European film sector.

Three fundamental principals have been underlined by the two agencies: the quality and security of digital projection; the uniformity of technology across theatres and the neutrality of the technology with regard to the relationship between the various parties involved.

Both agencies have promised to see that the financial modalities, outfitting of theatres and the installment of digital distribution chains are handled in strict accordance with international standards currently being put in place. Further, the groups say they are committed to the digitisation of European films and to helping those films travel.

'These positions are based on the particular conception which we share in Europe that film is an entirely artistic expression which demands that diversity and creative independence are preserved,' said a statement released by the two agencies.

Beginning this month, both groups will put in place a common test platform which will gauge the interoperability of digital copies and their conformity to DCI and SMPTE protocols. They will also jointly lay out a structure and interface for a public database of server certification.

A meeting will be held on the subject during the French-German Rendez-Vous in Versailles in November.