Gianni Amelio will replace Nanni Moretti as artistic director of the Turin Film Festival.

Amelio has stepped in to lead Turin's 27th edition in 2009 just four days after Moretti stepped down.

Filmmaker Gianni Amelio's credentials include winning Venice's 1998 Golden Lion for the Turin-set period drama The Way We Laughed (Cosi Ridevano) as well as the 1992 Cannes Grand Prix for The Stolen Children (Il Ladro Di Bambini). Most recently Amelio's 2006's The Keys To The House (Le Chiavi Di Casa) was Italy's Oscar hopeful.

Turin 's Museo del Cinema and the Cinema Giovane Association (who select Turin's artistic director) are keen to capitalise on the work done by Palme d'Or winner Nanni Moretti, with another high-calibre filmmaker. Amelio's rapid selection gives the festival the opportunity to do so.