Italy-born Coen came to England in 1929.

Former producer and Twickenham Studios executive director Guido Coen has died aged 95.

An Italian citizen born in Milan in 1915, Guido Coen came to England in 1929. During the second World War Coen and his father were interned on the Isle of Man as foreign aliens.

At the time Guido was serving as executive assistant to producer Filippo Del Giudice, working on a host of popular titles including Noel Coward’s In Which We Serve and Carol Reed’s The Way Ahead.

From 1947 to 1949, Guido acted as company secretary of Del Giudice’s successful production outfit Two Cities Films, but left in order to set up his own independent production company, Coenda Films. 

In 1959 Guido joined Twickenham Film Studios, then owned by the Shipman King Group. Through a long career at the studios, first as studio and production controller and later as executive director, Coen brought many directors and producers to the stages and theatres and oversaw extensive development of the site. Two new office blocks, a third stage, a preview theatre and a new dubbing theatre were built during his tenure.

Coen retired from Twickenham in early 1999. He is survived by his wife of more than 60 years, Pauline.