Hong Kong’s Stanley Kwan and Death Note director Shusuke Kaneko from Japan are among the filmmakers who have had projects selected for this year’s edition of the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF).

A total of 28 projects were selected from 13 territories, including China, Hong Kong, France, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Kwan, who is renowned for romantic dramas, is bringing To The End Of Love to the projects and co-production market, to be produced by Willie Chan. Kaneko is bringing We Don’t Need A Summer Vacation!, to be produced by Yukie Kito whose credits include The Namesake and Tokyo Sonata.

“We are encouraged that HAF continues to attract projects that reflect the depth and breadth of creativity in the region, aspire to reach wider audiences, and develop the art and industry of the cinema in our time,” said HKIFFS executive director Roger Garcia.

Organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS), HAF takes place in Hong Kong from March 21-23. The Hong Kong International Film Festival runs March 20 to April 5.

HAF 2011 Project List

1. A Man and a Woman (Finland / South Korea)

Director: LEE Yoon-ki, Producer: OH Jungwan

2. Arunkarn (Thailand)

Director: Sivaroj KONGSAKUL, Producer: Aditya ASSARAT, Umpornpol YUGALA, Soros SUKHUM

3. Basement (China)

Director: ZHAO Fei, Producer: Chris LIU

4. Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories (Vietnam)

Director: Dang Di PHAN, Producers: Paolo BERTOLIN, Hoang Diep NGUYEN

5. Campus Confidential (Taiwan)

Director: Donnie LAI Chun-Yu, Producer: SU Chao-Pin, Jimmy HUANG

6. Collision Avoidance (Hong Kong / China)

Director: Flora LAU, Producer: Melissa LEE, Flora GOH

7. Crosscurrent (China)

Director: YANG Chao, Producer: Natacha DEVILLERS

8. Deluge (The Philippines)

Director: Aureaus SOLITO, Producer: Aureaus SOLITO

9. Departure Day (Thailand)

Director: Phuttiphong AROONPHENG, Producer: Pimpaka TOWIRA, Mai MEKSAWAN

10. Double Life of China Town (China / Thailand)

Director: Nithiwat THARATORN, Producer: Yongyoot THONGKONGTOON

11. Dream State (Vietnam)

Director: Chuyen BUI THAC, Producer: Ngoc TRAN

12. Impermanence (Japan / Malaysia)

Director: Edmund YEO, Producer: WOO Ming-jin

13. Intruders (The Philippines)

Director: Jeffrey JETURIAN, Producer: Joji ALONSO, Armando LAO, Ferdinand LAPUZ

14. Like a Flowing River (France)

Director: SHIN Dong-il, Producer: Guillaume DE SEILLE

15. Lonely Together (Taiwan)

Director: HO Wi-Ding, Producer: Lorna TEE

16. Marry Go Round (Taiwan)

Director: CHENG Fen-Fen, Producers: Sunday SUN, James LIU

17. Megurashi-ya (Japan)

Director: HAGIUDA Koji, Producer: NEGISHI Hiroyuji, SADAI Yuji

18. Mr. 19 19 (China)

Director: LIU Jian, Producer: Lynne WANG

19. Nature (Israel)

Director: Yula GIDRON, Producer: Yochanan KREDO, Eilon RATZKOVSKY

20. Port of Call (Hong Kong)

Director: Philip YUNG, Producer: CHANG Wen

21. Revolution 1911 (Japan)

Director: SUGAWARA Hiroshi, Producer: TSCHIKAWA Tsutomu, Shirley KAO

22. Root of Love (Hong Kong)

Director: Adam WONG, Producer: Teddy Robin

23. Samaadhi (The Penance) (India)

Director: Sidharth SRINIVASAN, Producer: Sidharth SRINIVASAN

24. Soul (Taiwan)

Director: CHUNG Mong-Hong, Producer: TSENG Shao-Chien

25. To the End of Love (Hong Kong)

Director: Stanley KWAN Kam-peng, Producer: Willie CHAN Chee-kheong

26. Vasco Da Gama (India)

Director: Santosh SIVAN, Producer: Prithviraj SUKUMAR, Shaji NADESAN, Santosh SIVAN

27. We Don’t Need a Summer Vacation! (Japan)

Director: KANEKO Shusuke, Producer: KITO Yukie

28. Where Is My Home? (China)

Director: LI Ruijun, Producer: YANG Na, LI Zhifeng