Hong Kong's box officeremained flat in 2006 with overall takings of $116.5m (HK$907m), a marginalincrease of 0.22% compared to the $116.3m (HK$905m) taken the previous year.

At the same time, localproduction continued its steady decline although the decreases in box officeand production volumes were not as great as some in the industry had predicted.

Combined box office of localproductions was down by a tiny 0.7% to $36.2m (HK$282m). However, only 51 localfilms were released compared to 55 the previous year. The market share of Hong Kong films stood at 31% compared to 31.4% in 2005.

Confirming the importance ofstar power and the golden touch of local producer Bill Kong, kung-fu actiontitle Fearless, produced by Kong andstarring Jet Li, was the top-grossing local film as of Dec 31, 2006 with a haul of $3.88m over Chinese New Year.

Emperor Motion Pictures' Rob-B-Hood starring Jackie Chan was thesecond biggest local production, grossing $3.01m over the National Day holiday,which along with Chinese New Year and Christmas has also become a key boxoffice period in Hong Kong.

Three high-profilelocally-produced films are still playing, of which two were only released on Dec 21 and have the potential to alter the ranking. After 11 days on release Curse Of The Golden Flower, also produced by Kong and starring Chow Yun-fat, had grossed $2.02m making it the third biggest local production of the year. Meanwhile Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's Confession Of Pain was close behind with $1.88m by the end of the year.

Combined box office forforeign films increased very slightly by 0.6% to $80.3m (HK$625m). Reflectingtrends around the world, Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest was the top grosserwith $4.60m, followed by The Da VinciCode with $4.47m and The ChroniclesOf Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe with $3.93m.

However, the number offoreign films released in 2006 was down by nine to 180 reflecting thedecreasing diversity in this territory where independent and arthousedistributors are currently finding it difficult to survive.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean II - $4.60m (HK$35.83m)
2. The Da Vinci Code - $4.47m (HK$34.82m)
3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- $3.93m (HK$30.61m)
4. Mission Impossible III - $3.90m (HK$30.39m)
5. Fearless - $3.88m (HK$30.20m)
6. Superman Returns - $3.29m (HK$25.59)
7. Rob-B-Hood - $3.01m (HK$23.45m)
8. X-Men, The Last Stand - $2.66m (HK$20.71m)
9. Eight Below - $2.33m (HK$18.10m)
10.Casino Royale* - $2.12m (HK$16.51m)

* Still on release


1. Fearless - $3.88m (HK$30.20m)
2. Rob-B-Hood - $3.01m (HK$23.45m)
3. Curse of the Golden Flower* - $2.02m(HK$15.72m)
4. A Battle of Wits* - $2.00m (HK$15.58m)
5. Confession of Pain* - $1.88m (HK$14.65m)
6. Re-Cycle - $1.82m (HK$14.19m)
7. Election 2 - $1.74m (HK$13.58m)
8. Dragon Tiger Gate - $1.56m (HK$12.11m)
9. McDull, The Alumni - $1.37m (HK$10.65m)
10. 2 Become 1 - $1.31m (HK$10.24m)

* Still on release

Source: Motion Picture Industry Association