Hong Kong’s box office grew by around 6.5% to $151.93m (HK$1.18bn) in 2009, according to figures from Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA).

According to Brian Chung, MPIA chief executive, the rise was driven by the increase of film releases over the year, particularly the surge of 3D releases. Last year, saw 268 films released in Hong Kong, up by 23 on the previous year. The top grossing films in the country were 20th Century Fox’s Avatar, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaursand Disney’s Up, which all added revenue from their releases in 3D as well as 2D.

Local productions grossed a combined $31.9m (HK$247.27m) in 2009, which is 1.6% down from the previous year and accounts for 21% of the market compared with 23% in 2008.

Revenue for foreign films hit $120.02m (HK$930.19m) driven by the success of Hollywood blockbusters, Avatar, 2012and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  .

James Cameron’s Avatar is the top-grossing title in 2009 at $8.43m (HK$65.32m) from December 17 – 31. Industry observers predict the film will reach HK$100m ($12.8m) and may break the record of HK$116m ($14.9m) set by Cameron’s previous hit Titanic.  Avatar is followed by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with $6.21m (HK$48.11m) and 2012 with $6.06m (HK$47.01m).

The highest-grossing local film was All’s Well, Ends Well with $3.18m (HK$24.65m). Out of the top ten, nine films passed the HK$10m ($1.2m) last year, compared to seven in 2008.

Hong Kong Top Ten Films 2009:

1. Avatar - $8.43m (HK$65.32m)*
2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - $6.21m (HK$48.11m)
3. 2012 - $6.06m (HK$47.01m)
4. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince - $5.87m (HK$45.53m)
5. Up - $5.05m (HK$33.29m)
6. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - $4.16m (HK$32.38m)
7. Night at Museum 2 - $3.65m (HK$28.27m)
8. All’s Well, Ends Well - $3.18m (HK$24.65m)
9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - $3.15m (HK$24.4m)
10. Slumdog Millionaire - $3.13m (HK$24.25m)

Hong Kong Top Ten local films 2009:

1. All’s Well, Ends Well - $3.18m (HK$24.65m)
2. Red Cliff II- $3.06m (HK$23.71m)
3. Turning Point - $2.02m (HK$15.66m)
4. Overheard - $1.99m (HK$15.45m)
5. Storm Warrior - $1.98m (HK$15.31m)*
6. Shinjuku Incident - $1.79m (HK$13.91m)
7. Look for a Star - $1.63m (HK$12.61m)
8. Bodyguards and Assassins - $1.57m (HK$12.2m)*
9. Murderer - $1.51m (HK$11.7m)
10. On His Majesty’s Secret Service - $1.13m (HK$8.8m)

* Still on release

Source: Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA)