Hong Kong cinema grossed a depressing $36.6m (HK$284m)from a record low of 55 local productions in 2005, continuing the decline of recent years.

According to figurescompiled by the territory's Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA), only two local films cracked the top 10: car racing drama Initial D zoomed to top the chart with $4,883,009(HK$37,862,364) while Wait Til You're Older starring AndyLau came at last place with $2,600,439 (HK$20,163,545).

They were the only local productions that crossed the $2.6m (HK$20m)mark at the box office last year. Even The Myth with$2,200,448 (HK$17,062,608), starring box-office guarantee Jackie Chan, wassqueezed out of the top 10 by foreign films.

The 2005 performance was well down on 2004's box-office revenues of $54.2m (HK$421m) from 64 local productions, five of which brokeinto the top 10 with Stephen Chow's KungFu Hustle leading the pack.

But 2004 was still a poor year, taking just two-thirds of the 2001 box-office receipts of $133.4m with less than half the number the 2001's 133 local productions.

The combined 2005 box office for foreign films grew by25.5% to $80m (HK$621m) and 21 more foreign titles were released, bringing thetotal to 189 titles.

Three top earners, Harry Potterand the Goblet of Fire $4.5m (HK$34,975,416), King Kong $3.9m (HK$30,565,513) and The Incredibles $4.3m (HK$33,790,632),have crossed the $3.8m (HK$30m) mark. The first two titles are still on release.

While the total box office receipts slid slightly downwards by 1.3%to $116.7m (HK$905m), the gap between the market share for local and foreignfilms has widened. Hong Kong films only accounted for 31.4% of the total box office receipts,down from 46% in 2004, while foreign films carved a bigger pie of 68.6% from2004's 54%.

Top 10 films in 2005

1. Initial D, HK$37,862,364

2.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, HK$34,975,416 (still playing)

3.The Incredibles, HK$33,790,632 4.King Kong, HK$30,565,513 (still playing)

5.War of the Worlds, HK$23,568,154

6. Mr & Mrs Smith, HK$23,269,256

7. Howl's Moving Castle, HK$22,457,796

8. Madagascar, HK$21,904,802

9. Constantine, HK$20,970,289

10. Wait Til You're Older, HK$20,163,545

Local top 10

1. Initial D, HK$37,862,364

2.Wait Til You're Older, HK$20,163,545

3. The Myth, HK$17,062,608

4. Dragon Reloaded, HK$15,905,137

5.Election, HK$15,895,622

6. Himalaya Singh, HK$15,603,530

7.Perhaps Love, HK$13,212,901 (stillplaying)

8.Drink, Drank, Drunk, HK$11,987,277

9. All About Love, HK$11,694,770

10.House of Fury, HK$10,992,862