Huayi Brothers Pictures has pledged to donate part of the box office revenues of its productions to Jet Li's charity group One Foundation.

Starting from the release of Forbidden Kingdom, which starts Jet Li and Jackie Chan, Huayi Brothers will donate one mao (1.5 cents) from each ticket sold for the next ten years.

In addition, four Chinese cinema circuits have pledged to donate one fen (one tenth of a mao) from each ticket they sell to a Huayi Brothers film. The four circuits are China Film Stella Megamedia, Beijing New Film Association, Shanghai United Circuit and Wanda Cinema Circuit. Together they account for about 50% of China 's film exhibition sector.

Produced by Casey Silver Productions with Huayi Brothers as the Chinese co-producer, Forbidden Kingdom's world premiere will take place in Beijing in early April. It will open on April 18 in North America.