Nacho G Velilla's debut feature Chef's Special has been sold by Imagina sales to several key territories, including the US, on the back of its success at the Spanish box office.

TLA releasing has taken rights to the family comedy for the US, Canada, UK and Ireland; Cine, Video Y TV will distribute the film in Mexico; Ringford took Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay; We&Co will distribute the film in French speaking European countries; Cineplex bought Colombia and Central America; Wiesner took Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; and Khan Entertainment bought Taiwan.

A Canguro Producciones and Antena 3 Films production, Chef's Special tells the story of a famous gay Spanish cook who's life is changed when his 15-year-old son Edu and six year old daughter Alba, the result of a previous sham marriage, arrive on his doorstep. The film has already made $6.3m (Euros 4m) at the Spanish box office following its award wins at the Malaga Film Festival, including best actor for Javier Camara.

The deals were done in Cannes by Imagina's sales new film division.