Index Holdings has sold a 7.11% share in group company Nikkatsu to Amusement Media Entertainment Group (AMG).

Nikkatsu is here at the EFM selling Takashi Miike's Yatterman which had its world premiere at New York Comic Con last night (Feb 6). The film is a live-action version of the manga about a dog-shaped robot.

AMG core company Amusement Media Academy acquired 502,500 shares in Nikkatsu, valued at approximately $5.5m (Y500m). The deal leaves Index with a remaining 29.98% share in Nikkatsu, which is Japan's oldest studio.

The news follows Index's divestment of a 34% share in Nikkatsu to Nippon Television Network (NTV) in January, as reported on

Index had previously acquired a 71% controlling share in Nikkatsu in 2005 but longer than expected returns on feature films has led to the divestment. Index, whose core business is mobile contents, also has holdings in Madhouse Animation and game company Atlus.

Amusement Media Academy offers training for voice actors, animators, manga artists and writers. The deal will likely see a partnership formed with Nikkatsu's own Visual Arts Academy.

Established in 2000, AMG Entertainment is active in film production, acquisition and distribution. Previous films include Paradise and Inugoe: Happy Dog Paws.