Danish expatriate Kristian Levring's new film The Intended, which screened in Toronto last year, will have its first screening in his home country as a late addition to the already packed NatFilm Festival programme.

Levring's film to is a companion piece his Dogme-film The King Is Alive. Set in 1924 it follows a couple arriving at a jungle trading post on the Menkuang River, where they become pawns in the power struggles of a small community.

Levring wrote the scripts with actress Janet McTeer, who together with Tony Maudsley delivers standout a performance. The Intended also stars JJ Field, Brenda Fricker, Philip Jackson and Olympia Dukakis. It was produced in collaboration between Denmark's Malene Blenkov and Holland's Patricia Kruijer (The King Is Alive) with Bob Berney and Sally Hibbin taking executive producer credits. A Danish release date has yet to be set for it.

The festival kicks off its 14th edition on March 28 with Josef Fares' Swedish box-office hit Kopps and closes on April 6 with Michael Winterbottom's Golden Bear winner In This World.