France's Asterix At The Olympic Games won first place in the international arena by a long run this weekend as the family film enjoyed a mammoth $38.3m take and accounted for 20.8% of the top 40 revenue.

The latest instalment of the comic book adaptation played across 3,002 screens in 19 territories for a whopping $12,757 screen average - the second highest of the weekend - and generated nearly $4m in its opening day in France (January 30). It is closing fast on the $40m mark after two weekends on release after opening on January 25 in Poland, where it shot to number one with a $913,853 first weekend take. It is released by Pathe Distribution.

Hong Kong's CJ7 also made the top 10 with a $5.7m take in its first weekend across four territories. The comedy, written and directed by local favourite Stephen Chow who also stars, played on 714 screens for an $8,109 screen average. It has generated $8.4m to date, including previews.

And Polish cinema showed its colours with new comedy Lejdis taking $2.1m from just 160 screens. The comedy, directed by Tomasz Konecki, had the highest screen average this weekend with a massive $13,315 per screen and boasts a $2.2m international tally after only being released in its home territory.

Four Korean films took more than $8m collectively at the international box office this weekend, including three new entries. Prime Entertainment's The Game opened at number 22 with a $2.5m take across 317 screens for an $8,107 screen average and comedy Once Upon A Time In Corea enjoyed a near-$2m weekend take across 336 screens for a $5,917 screen average. It is released by SK Telecom's new film division CH Entertainment. CJ Entertainment's A Man Who Was Superman opened to number 38 with a $1.4m take on 360 screens while holdover title Women's Team Handball continues its lucrative score with a $2.1m weekend take on 315 screens. The sports film, produced by MK Pictures, has notched up $21.2m after four weekends on release.

The top 40 films grossed $184.2m across 42,853 screens for February 1-3.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend February 1-3
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(43)Asterix At The Olympic Games (Fr-Sp-It)$38,296,6423,002$39,758,86519
2(5)Cloverfield (US)$18,478,6473,133$35,919,51032
3(2)Sweeney Todd... (US-UK)$9,245,2341,720$46,617,59517
4(3)I Am Legend (US)$7,908,1313,930$305,858,01151
5(7)American Gangster (US)$7,357,4912,173$114,838,71640
6(4)National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (US)$6,938,0002,702$169,622,00034
7(11)The Bucket List (US)$5,880,8911,454$12,777,75013
8NewCJ7 (HK)$5,789,605714$8,363,1434
9(9)P.S. I Love You (US)$5,212,1051,513$49,394,31516
10(1)The Very Best Film (Rus)$5,006,337792$27,464,6353
11(16)Rambo (US)$4,857,2931,182$9,984,08715
12(8)Alvin And The Chipmunks (US)$4,855,8942,730$113,246,93722
13(6)Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore (It)$4,345,990508$14,471,3881
14(12)No Country For Old Men (US)$4,226,230886$17,311,80310
15(23)Into The Wild (US)$3,374,249671$16,403,13010
16(21)Keinohrhasen (Ger)$3,009,185713$45,733,5823
17*Cassandra's Dream (UK-US)$2,918,626409$12,509,2318
18(15)Atonement (UK-Fr-US)$2,774,0781,002$59,803,45134
19(22)The Kite Runner (US)$2,637,610555$18,007,68313
20(14)Mortadelo Y Filemon. Mision: Salvar ... (Sp)$2,626,881493$7,541,9061
21(31)Juno (US)$2,618,170420$7,908,6697
22NewThe Game (S Kor)$2,569,882317$3,058,1201
23(17)Charlie Wilson's War (US)$2,487,655919$19,375,40919
24(19)A Widow At Last (Fr)$2,448,868553$12,271,4743
25(10)Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (US)$2,341,2351,579$83,641,46425
26NewLejdis (Pol)$2,130,487160$2,220,3461
27(18)Women's Team Handball (S Kor)$2,105,009315$21,153,1591
28(13)Enchanted (US)$2,013,0002,208$171,252,00030
29NewOnce Upon A Time In Corea (S Kor)$1,988,134336$2,449,8091
30NewOver Her Dead Body (US)$1,968,156301$1,968,1561
31(26)Flowers In The Shadow (Jap)$1,838,864312$6,740,4151
32(49)The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (US)$1,815,649912$10,584,8799
33(20)Bee Movie (US)$1,696,4601,772$155,191,90136
34(27)27 Dresses (US)$1,649,028428$13,398,4858
35(28)The Orphanage (Sp)$1,564,369427$43,986,6737
36NewPenelope (US-UK)$1,524,724335$1,524,7241
37(24)The Oxford Murders (Sp-UK)$1,501,740271$8,663,7411
38NewA Man Who Was Superman (S Kor)$1,463,478360$1,814,4801
39(29)Earth (Ger-UK)$1,379,354320$31,583,5083
40(32)Our Mother (Jap)$1,310,452326$6,018,714 1
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady