Six new entries broke into the international box-office chart this week, with Sony Pictures' Hancock storming to the top of the table.

Non-US new entries failed to break into the top 10, with India's Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na reaching number 12. Written and directed by Abbas Tyrewala and distributed by UTV Communications, the musical romantic comedy opened in 14 territories taking $3.5m across 423 screens.

A second new offering from India entered the chart this week at number 18. Flying cars, robots and time travel feature in Harry Baweja's musical romance Love Story 2050. Distributed by Adlabs Films, it took $1,753,827 from 793 screens for an average of $2,212.

The other non-US films to enter the chart were France's London Mon Amour, which reached number 15, and Japan's The Climbers High, which came in at number 21.

Lorraine Levy's French romantic comedy London Mon Amour, starring Vincent Lindon, Pascal Elbe and Virginie Ledoyen (with Pathe distributing), took $2,097,527 from 352 screens - a decent screen average of $5,959.

Released this week in its home territory, The Climbers High took more than $1.5m from 284 screens. Distributed by the Toei Company, it had a screen average of $5,487 and reached number four in the Japanese chart.

The highest screen average of the week was taken by the Japanese film Boys Over Flowers: Final, which dropped one place in the chart after debuting last week at number eight. The Toho distributed film took a screen average of $17,626 from 400 screens, with $7m takings this week bringing the film's cumulative gross to $24,433,346.

The second-highest average went to Universal's Mamma Mia! The Movie which debuted at number 16 after taking $11,760 from each of its 157 screens; a sign of its potential when it expands from two territories in future weeks.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewHancock (US)$65,411,9215,759$78,860,62855
2(2)Kung Fu Panda (US)$40,164,1065,325$154,132,14240
3(3)The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince ... (US)$24,723,3735,127$194,223,72639
4(1)Wanted (US)$17,963,2342,323$63,675,92123
5(13)Wall-E (US)$13,742,0232,147$18,746,00911
6(4)Sex And The City (US)$8,388,1423,972$214,164,28854
7(6)Indiana Jones And The Kingdom ... (US)$8,214,8083,001$430,093,96544
8(5)Get Smart (US)$7,557,2632,089$34,334,66823
9(8)Boys Over Flowers: Final (Jap)$7,050,459400$24,433,3461
10(7)The Incredible Hulk (US)$4,646,9373,353$94,871,05751
11(9)The Happening (US)$4,314,3773,064$78,876,08838
12NewJaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Ind)$3,458,111423$3,458,11114
13(10)Public Enemy Returns (S Kor)$2,489,570422$21,297,3551
14(14)Seuls Two (Fr)$2,222,285576$7,098,7793
15NewLondon Mon Amour (Fr)$2,097,527352$2,097,5273
16NewMamma Mia! The Movie (US)$1,846,350157$1,846,3502
17(11)You Don't Mess With The Zohan (US)$1,818,318644$23,157,3669
18NewLove Story 2050 (Ind)$1,753,827793$1,753,82717
19(16)The Magic Hour (Jap)$1,634,328379$28,048,1521
20(21)Forgetting Sarah Marshall (US)$1,602,606906$33,819,09820
21NewThe Climbers High (Jap)$1,588,250284$1,588,2501
22(17)Un'estate Al Mare (It)$1,508,929569$5,179,4871
23(15)Made Of Honour (US)$1,469,6481,156$50,572,71326
24(18)What Happens In Vegas (US)$1,301,380893$128,164,72323
25(20)21 (US)$1,290,338659$73,262,58129
26(34)Speed Racer (US)$1,233,295902$43,065,89115
27(12)Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (Ind)$1,145,050693$4,615,00516
28(19)Dasavatharam (Ind)$1,118,320543$16,227,7507
29(24)Street Kings (US)$1,068,076501$35,223,0175
30(28)In Bruges (UK)$984,059287$16,169,6927
31(22)Crossing (S Kor)$923,071243$3,724,8291
32(26)Waltz With Bashir (Isr)$863,031240$2,234,4283
33*Happy-Go-Lucky (UK)$671,879178$4,695,9675
34*The Strangers (US)$590,349191$2,533,3013
35(25)Kung Fu Hip-Hop (Chi-HK)$545,300197$1,920,4002
36(23)Adulthood (UK)$533,722179$5,922,8051
37(27)Sarkar Raj (Ind)$484,705517$16,713,93310
38(29)August Rush (US)$470,081276$30,771,3491
39*The Mist (US)$441,930328$26,087,2816
40(32)Nim's Island (US)$441,356509$30,835,2488
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady