More than 100,000 Danes flocked to cinemas to watch Ole Christian Madsen's war epic Flame & Citron, which at $10m is one of the region's most expensive local productions.

In its first three days on release, the two-hour-plus project boasted an impressive screen average of $19,118 from 73 screens for a three-day gross of $1.4m - taking 34th spot in this week's international chart.

Local experts predict the film could hit 400,000 admissions by summer, a good sign for Denmark where local films have underperformed over the last couple of years.

Madsen is best known as the director of small arthouse films Kira's Reason, Angels In Fast Motion and Prague. His new movie, which shot in Denmark, Prague and Berlin, is his first serious move into the international mainstream. The storyline centres on two notorious members of the Danish resistance during the Second World War, played by Mads Mikkelsen and Thure Lindhardt. They are supported by German actor Hanns Zischler and local mainstay Jesper Christensen.

The film is produced by Nimbus Film, which raised the budget from more than 30 international sources, including Germany's Wuste Film. The Match Factory is handling international sales, which will kick off in earnest at Cannes.

The highest new entry this week is Russian fantasy thriller New Indigo, coming in at number 19. Roman Prygunov's film, starring Artyom Tkachenko and Mikhail Yefremov, tells the story of people with extrasensory powers and has been compared to X-Men.

It took $2,607,447 over 361 screens in its first week in Russia, distributed by Caroprokat, which was also behind the huge sales of Pavel Lungin's The Island and Nikita Mikhalkov's 12.

Another East European entry, Piotr Weresniak's comedy Nie Klam, Kochanie, generated $2,168,854 over 156 screens in Poland for an impressive average of $13,834.

Tutta La Vita Davanti, at number 28, is a bittersweet comedy from Italian director Paolo Virzi. It tells the story of Marta, who creates her own fantasy world at the dull call centre in which she works. Another film shown in the country of origin only, it made $1,672,201 during its first week, averaging $4,544 across 368 screens.

The other new entries, both from the US, produced strikingly similar results: Superhero Movie and Doomsday averaged $3,829 and $3,593 across 342 and 359 screens respectively.

Pathe's Welcome To The Sticks (Bienvenue Chez Le Ch'tis) continues to clock up impressive results (see review, page 18). It now boasts a whopping cumulative gross of $157,314,114, averaging $11,955 across 996 screens in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Additional reporting by Jacob Wendt Jensen

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)Horton Hears A Who! (US)$13,020,4835,879$75,649,08252
2(1)10,000 BC (US)$12,676,8156,067$144,116,39061
3(3)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$11,907,638996$157,314,1143
4(20)Jumper (US)$8,342,7462,123$121,902,32818
5(4)The Spiderwick Chronicles (US-UK)$8,477,6753,627$48,772,48949
6(5)Step Up 2 The Streets (US)$7,381,5871,615$53,214,22427
7(12)27 Dresses (US)$6,244,6521,561$57,569,45420
8(6)Race (Ind)$5,328,7461,044$20,612,63116
9(7)Vantage Point (US)$4,986,2402,268$61,330,65141
10(32)The Game Plan (US)$4,950,5501,315$38,914,55315
11(13)Meet The Spartans (US)$4,646,892852$32,067,9499
12*The Kite Runner (US)$4,295,051982$42,034,56030
13(18)Doraemon: Nobita To Midori ... (Jap)$3,001,067344$22,930,8541
14(8)Juno (US)$2,911,0631,273$70,917,54424
15(29)The Golden Compass (US-UK)$2,837,713948$292,192,4474
16(9)The Other Boleyn Girl (UK)$2,715,113938$25,306,00615
17(24)Drillbit Taylor (US)$2,710,529847$6,065,9626
18(61)Dragon Hunters (Fr)$2,610,875823$3,544,2254
19NewIndigo (Rus)$2,607,447361$2,607,4471
20(10)Die Welle (Ger)$2,595,724449$13,146,5022
21(17)Enchanted (US)$2,360,385733$201,915,7425
22*Awake (US)$2,232,513468$4,328,7166
23NewNie Klam, Kochanie (Pol)$2,158,128156$2,168,8541
24(31)The Bucket List (US)$2,127,493949$58,150,95940
25(11)No Country For Old Men (US)$2,068,9871,137$78,606,21344
26(60)The Bank Job (UK)$1,776,885397$9,283,8565
27(14)National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (US)$1,693,354848$233,614,89117
28NewTutta La Vita Davanti (It)$1,672,201368$1,672,2011
29(23)The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (US)$1,613,5781,465$56,554,22036
30(27)I've Loved You For So Long (Fr)$1,509,135290$4,288,3813
31(25)Dan In Real Life (US)$1,490,861830$12,115,3908
32*We Own The Night (US)$1,490,677282$20,895,0597
33(15)Radio Day (Rus)$1,441,975440$5,007,8044
34NewFlame & Citron (Den)$1,395,62973$1,487,1521
35NewSuperhero Movie (US)$1,374,692359$1,374,6924
36(22)Earth (Ger-UK)$1,329,961508$69,115,7704
37(41)10 Promises With My Dog (Jap)$1,262,537293$8,483,0541
38(39)Under The Same Moon (Mex-US)$1,260,318358$4,090,8791
39NewDoomsday (US)$1,228,785342$1,417,9554
40*Definitely, Maybe (US-UK)$1,211,840463$12,727,18912
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady