Tamil film Dasavatharam was the highest non-US entry in the international chart, taking $4.6m from 11 territories in its opening weekend.

The sci-fi drama played on 1,211 screens for a $3,825 screen average, putting it at number seven this weekend. It opened at number 11 in the UK with a $248,175 take on 19 screens, enjoying a whopping $13,062 screen average.

The film is the 12th feature from director KS Ravikumar, and is distributed by Ayngaran International.

Two more films from the sub-continent graced the top 15 this weekend, including Sarkar Raj, released by Eros International. The drama fell 56% in its second weekend with a $3m take from 1,279 screens. It had a $2,368 screen average and has generated $12.4m to date from 17 territories.

New entry Mere Baap Pehle Aap, produced by Shemaroo Films, opened at number 13 with a $2.1m take. The comedy, directed by Priyadarshan (Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Dhol), played across 882 screens in two territories for a $2,421 screen average. In the UK, it just passed the $200,000 mark from 13 screens, and was distributed in the territory through Tip Top Entertainment.

Sagan hits a million

Six French films dotted the chart this weekend, generating a collective $5.1m and representing 2.9% of the chart's total revenue. But only one, Sagan, crossed the $1m mark. Released through Europa, it opened with a $1.4m take in its home territory. The biography of French writer Francoise Sagan played on 247 screens for a $5,865 screen average. It is written and directed by Diane Kurys (L'Anniversaire) and stars Sylvie Testud and Pierre Palmade.

A new entry from TF1 International, Crossfire (Les Insoumis), opened with a $452,158 take on 199 screens. The crime story, directed by Claude-Michel Rome and starring Richard Berry and Pascal Elbe, only opened in France this weekend and had a $2,272 screen average.

Trailing behind is Pathe's action flick Skate Or Die, which took $418,378 from 223 screens in its home territory for a modest $1,876 screen average.

Meanwhile, the chart includes three French holdovers. Bac Films' A Christmas Tale fell 23% in its fourth weekend with $490,552 from 204 screens, while Gaumont's Jean-Claude Van Damme parody JCVD fell the steepest - by 60% - with a $336,871 take from 355 screens in its second weekend. And Pathe's Welcome To The Sticks is closing in on $206m - the comedy fell 30% in its 16th weekend with $326,922 from five territories.

Three Japanese holdovers continue to perform well, led by Toho's The Magic Hour, which remains in the top 10 in its second weekend. The film, written and directed by Koki Mitani, enjoyed a $3.5m take from 379 screens for a sizeable $9,234 screen average. It has grossed $12.8m to date in its home territory.

Crime drama Partners: The Movie (Aibou) fell 37% in its seventh weekend with a $595,942 take from 294 screens. Released through Toei, it boasts a $37.6m tally to date having only opened in Japan. And Dentsu's Cyborg She dropped 49% in its third weekend with $464,113 from 292 screens. It has a $4.6m total to date.

Chinese-language The Missing passed the $500,000 mark in its first weekend. The romantic thriller from Tsui Hark took $556,822 from 356 screens across four territories for a $1,564 screen average. It is distributed by Mandarin Films Distribution.

Elsewhere, Judd Apatow comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall re-entered the chart after a $1.3m opening in Germany; it took $1.9m from 10 territories over the weekend. And Fox thriller The Happening beat Universal/Marvel's The Incredible Hulk to the top slot over the three days. The M Night Shyamalan film opened with $31.8m from 88 territories, while the green monster saw $30.8m from just 38 territories.

The top 39 international films generated $177.2m from 47,754 screens for the period June 13-15.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewThe Happening (US)$31,815,1305,693$31,815,13088
2NewThe Incredible Hulk (US)$30,766,1383,419$30,766,13838
3(1)Sex And The City (US)$23,705,6635,591$136,003,47944
4(2)Indiana Jones And The Kingdom ... (US)$21,886,0236,956$359,456,42456
5(3)Kung Fu Panda (US)$15,388,0761,633$42,656,36415
6(4)The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US)$11,105,7083,624$123,412,97729
7NewDasavatharam (Ind)$4,632,7191,211$4,632,71911
8(5)What Happens In Vegas (US)$3,841,5702,425$116,472,14026
9(7)The Magic Hour (Jap)$3,499,677379$12,816,9401
10(11)Made Of Honour (US)$3,039,2741,481$39,266,54130
11(6)Sarkar Raj (Ind)$3,028,8071,279$12,410,43517
12(8)21 (US)$2,534,6181,281$63,564,24043
13NewMere Baap Pehle Aap (Ind)$2,135,066882$2,135,0661
14(9)Superhero Movie (US)$1,992,5591,042$29,439,19911
15*Forgetting Sarah Marshall (US)$1,925,368551$26,820,76310
16(10)Iron Man (US)$1,611,6242,532$249,152,29350
17NewSagan (Fr)$1,448,759247$1,448,7591
18(12)You Don't Mess With The Zohan (US)$1,335,628455$4,585,6624
19(16)Speed Racer (US)$1,178,1661,068$38,365,66723
20NewBig Stan (US)$935,946245$935,9461
21(13)Prom Night (US)$796,902678$8,170,84216
22(14)Gomorrah (It)$737,462281$15,295,3971
23(15)Il Divo (It)$731,500326$6,179,9341
24(18)Partners: The Movie (Aibou) (Jap)$595,942294$37,594,7351
25NewThe Missing (HK-Chi)$556,822356$556,8224
26(19)My Mom's New Boyfriend (US-Ger)$542,716270$3,161,2183
27(17)The Mist (US)$511,305376$25,137,3076
28(25)Gone Baby Gone (US)$497,930233$12,243,3132
29(29)A Christmas Tale (Fr)$490,552204$3,897,1543
30(23)Cyborg She (Jap)$464,113292$4,630,7111
31NewCrossfire (Les Insoumis) (Fr)$452,158199$452,1581
32(22)Affaire De Famille (Fr)$420,739275$1,405,4322
33NewSkate Or Die (Fr)$418,378223$418,3781
34(46)The Other Boleyn Girl (US-UK)$408,549229$41,713,94511
35(24)88 Minutes (US-Ger)$392,989485$12,185,3078
36(40)Mongol (Rus-Ger-Kaz-Mong)$352,804142$15,092,2024
37(21)JCVD (Bel-Lux-Fr)$336,871355$1,319,8122
38(38)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$326,922387$205,922,3765
39(32)Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (US)$321,362155$14,824,7974
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady